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Ecological Management and Monitoring

EcoSmart Ecology has developed and implemented management plans for discrete areas of vegetation, groups of species, as well as individual species. Management plans are often required by state and/or federal authorities if potential impacts on a threatened value are identified.

Management plans require an in-depth and scientific understanding of the ecological value(s) being managed, as well as ecological process which may affect those values. Effective management must consider a variety of factors including refugia, breeding and foraging habitats, dispersal and migration, competition, disease, and predation. Good management plans will consider the existing and future threats to environmental value(s) and provide actions designed to eliminate or reduce those threats.

Ecological monitoring is the most effect method for refining and demonstrating the success of mitigation and management actions. Effective monitoring requires clear understanding of the monitoring aims, scientific understanding of fundamental ecological processes, robust experimental design including feedback mechanisms, comprehensive data management, expert analysis and interpretation.

Our team is committed to, and has demonstrated experience in, managing all facets of ecological monitoring. We work closely with our clients to ascertain monitoring goals, potential limitations, and develop timely and cost effective monitoring programs.

Monitoring mine rehabilitation

Corridor and movement/dispersal assessment

Monitoring of threatened species

Threatened species management plans

Monitoring mitigation success

Pest species abatement plans