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Flora and Fauna Impact Assessment and Mitigation

Understanding the potential positive or negative impacts that a project can have on the receiving environment is fundamental to receiving development approval. Impact assessment draws on data collected during desktop and field based surveys and requires proficiency in data interpretation, as well as understanding and application of key ecological principles. Impact assessment also requires an in-depth working knowledge of state and federal legislative policies and requirements.

EcoSmart Ecologies risk-based approach to impact assessment has been proven and refined over years of experience. Our participation in impact assessment works have ranged from small town planning works to larger mining, CSG and infrastructure activities. Fundamental in our success has been the commitment to conveying complex ecological principles to non-technical audiences.

Our impact assessment skills are complimented by a solution focused approach to impact mitigation based on the fundamental principles of impact avoidance, impact reduction and minimisation, and impact mitigation (including the identification of offset requirements). Our contacts within industry, government, and research institutions ensures that we have access to expert knowledge of the highest standard, ensuring that our impact assessment team is tailored to the requirements of each individual project.

Demonstrated experience of risk-based impact assessment

Impact mitigation consistent with the principles of avoidance, reduction and mitigation

Understanding and application of ecological principles

Tailored teams of expert knowledge

Communication of ecological concepts