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Baseline and Targeted Fauna Survey

A basic understanding of fauna values within an area of management is crucial to environmental planning and protection. Baseline surveys, which may need to comply with a number of state and federal requirements, are just one of the many areas of expertise offered by EcoSmart Ecology.

Our dedicated team can accommodate all facets of baseline fauna survey work from inception and design through to analysis, interpretation and best-practice reporting. We specialise in systematic fauna surveys to produce fauna inventories (i.e., species richness), a core requirement for impact assessment and conservation planning, using best-practice trapping and detection methods. Our staff are familiar with state and federal fauna survey guidelines.

In addition to baseline fauna surveys, we specialise in tailoring work to answer specific ecological or client questions, address regulatory requirements, or target individual species. Our experience includes work on threatened or cryptic species, specialised groups (e.g., migratory shorebirds) and invasive species. The use of remote sensing, GIS, and other innovative technology underpins our commitment to maximizing your investment.

Based on field data and our specialist knowledge of species’ habitat requirements, GIS mapping of high importance areas can form the basis of later impact assessment and conservation planning.

Baseline terrestrial fauna assessment (inventory)

GIS mapping of survey results (including identification of high value habitats)

Specialist surveys (e.g., migratory shorebird, microbat, etc)

Innovative use of survey practice and technologies to maximize results

Survey experience and fauna identification skills from throughout Australia

Experience in remote and challenging environments

Threatened and pest species targeted survey