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The EcoSmart Database

The EcoSmart database grew out of a need to catalogue, organise and retrieve large amounts of valuable ecological data relevant to our clients needs. It has now grown to more than 40,000 records and unlike many public databases includes site specific locations. This improves our desktop assessment accuracy and environmental planning capabilities.

While records from other sources (e.g. scientific publications) may be included, the database largely contains information that is only accessible to EcoSmart Ecology. The sheer number of records, and the spatial distribution of those records is testament to the EcoSmart survey commitment and experience.



The EcoSmart Database

  • More than 40,000 EcoSmart Ecology records
  • Data from every Australian State and Territory
  • More than 1500 species
  • More than 80 Nationally threatened taxa
  • Specific location and GIS data