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Members of the EcoSmart Ecology team have been involved with, and gained experience from, many projects throughout Australia. Selected examples include:

  • Ecological assessment and risk analysis for the Surat Coal-seam Gas Project, Chinchilla to Goondiwindi
  • Baseline flora and fauna survey and impact assessment, Selwyn Mine, north-western Queensland
  • Targeted survey and management plan for the nationally threatened Brigalow Scaly-foot and Black-breasted Button-quail, Boyne Island, Queensland
  • Baseline flora and fauna survey and assessment for potential gold mining activities on the Mitchell River, Cape York Peninsula
  • Vertebrate survey, Simpson Desert National, south-west Queensland (project lead by QPWS)
  • Threatened mammal monitoring, Bernier Island, Western Australia (project lead by WA DEC)
  • Seasonal vertebrate survey for mine expansions, Lake Carey, central Western Australia
  • Monitoring vertebrate recolonisation of rehabilitated mining land, Murrin Murrin, central Western Australia
  • Fauna monitoring (repeated seasonal surveys) in the Gulf of Carpentaria, north-western Queensland
  • Seasonal fauna surveys for proposed underground mining activities near the Bowen River, Collinsville, Queensland
  • Vertebrate survey and assessment, Seymour Range, Innisfail, Queensland

  • Flora and Fauna assessment including selected invertebrates (butterflies), Bli Bli, Queensland
  • Habitat assessment for rail corridor, Kooroy to Nambour, south-east Queensland
  • Translocation and management plan for Northern Quoll, Mount Carbine, north Queensland
  • Recolonisation monitoring of rehabiliated land by vertebrates, Ernest Henry, north-west Queensland
  • Seasonal baseline fauna survey and assessment for proposed mining, north of Mt Isa, Queensland
  • Gap analysis and subsequent flora and fauna surveys for a open-cut coal mine expansion, Moranbah, Queensland
  • Vegetation offset strategy for the loss of Brigalow vegeation associated with coal mine expansions, Moranbah, Queensland
  • Fauna survey and assessment for proposed housing estate, Pottsville, northern NSW
  • Fauna survey and habitat assessment for proposed housing development, Evens Head, northern NSW
  • Baseline fauna survey, assessment and subsequent rock-wallaby research for a proposed copper/gold mine north-west of Kajabbi, north-west Queensland
  • Baseline flora and fauna assessement, and subsequent insectivorous bat targeted survey, Clermont, central Queensland

Regional Experience

Selected Case Studies